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How often do we stop to think about the origins of what we wear? Not just where and how a garment was made, but where the fabric came from, and the fibres before that? Do we care about the provenance of a button, or the lifecycle of a t-shirt?

Should we? Since launching in 2012, Ovna Ovich has been committed to creating environmentally and socially aware work with a story to tell. With Tread Softly, designer Marina Davis asks us to consider the sources and impact of our fashion choices – gently challenging an industry where sustainability and transparency are too often overlooked in favour of cheap labour, speed and profitability.

This commitment to considered design and low-impact production begins with the textiles themselves. Plant-based fibres feature extensively throughout the collection, Davis has also used deadstock fabrics – yardage leftover from largescale production, which would otherwise be scrapped or left sitting on a factory floor. Lightweight yet ultra-warm knitted pieces are cut from wool yarn spun in Wellington from a 100% New Zealand merino & possum blend, while denim has been ethically sourced in India, where it is handwoven and

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