OVNA OVICH is a collection of wearable short stories created by harmonious practises


Chapter 18

The Joy

Happiness: what does it mean and how does one find it? The answer? It’s waiting to be discovered, in the simple moments in everyday life. And in everyday wear.

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Chapter 19


An ode to the past but one which foresees an era of optimism. Cascade is a collection that threads narratives of past chapters and weaves them into the present, with the belief that winter needn’t be so dull.

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Core Collection

A circular offering of transeasonal new classics made from GOTS certified organic cotton

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Our Materials

We only work with materials that are naturally renewable, biodegradable and have authentic sustainable characteristics.

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Our practices

Every component of an OVNA OVICH piece is carefully considered: from design and materials to production and processes. When a customer wears OVNA OVICH, they are part of an open story that traces the journey from origin to garment.

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