OVNA OVICH is a clothing story created by harmonious practises for everyday life.

— овна  -
ovna  feminine       


 ович  -ovich  masculine 


Situated in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, OVNA OVICH was founded in 2012, drawing inspiration from the Eastern European heritage of designer and director Marina Davis. Davis honed her skills at Central Saint Martins, gaining experience in wardrobe with Peter Jackson and serving as the head designer for Kowtow.


A background in dancing and performance instinctively shapes the narratives of OVNA OVICH collections. The collections are presented as chapters — short stories crafted in small batches and released gradually throughout the year.


The roots of OVNA OVICH are deeply intertwined with Marina Davis’s upbringing on a remote farm in the wild landscapes of the deep south of Aotearoa New Zealand. This upbringing has significantly influenced the brand’s ethos, emphasizing a commitment to creating environmentally and socially responsible clothing infused with a nonchalant elegance.