Though we work in fashion, one of the most important things we do at OVNA OVICH is create trust. Because we value quality, authenticity, safety and compliance, design and supply chain transparency is a key principle of our business. Without it, we risk our reputation and as an independent, local fashion brand, reputation is our most valuable asset.


Every component of an OVNA OVICH piece is carefully considered: design, materials, production, and processes, so that when a customer is wearing OVNA OVICH, its journey from origin to garment is an open story.



To ensure a long life cycle of your garment, we favour timeless design that is not bound to seasons but to ideas that focus on high quality materials and construction, versatility in wear and flexibility in fit.

All of our off cuts from the design process are donated to a nonprofit that works with refugee women to teach them skills and tell their story through quilt making. 

Our knitwear uses whole-garment technology that means it is produced in one entire piece three-dimensionally with minimal seams, to be free of waste.

We prioritise sustainable materials and minimise the use of trims while being conscious of recyclability and circularity. 



With each collection, we exclusively use fibres that are environmentally responsible. This means we opt for materials that rely on a lower carbon footprint and less waste and water impact than most conventional materials.

We work directly with fabric mills which allows us visibility on the circumstances and environmental claims. We request certifications to validate the integrity of our supply source and their environmental practices.



Our garment production is kept local in order to regulate and respect workers health, safety and labour rights.

Our production is small batch, thanks to made-to-order garments with our wholesale partners as well as a carefully curated online offering. This prevents an over-supply of unnecessary and wasteful manufacturing.  


We realise transparency is a continuum: supply chains are dynamic and progress to ensure a more sustainable way of working is an ongoing conversation. This is our commitment at OVNA OVICH, for our customers and for a better world.