Meet Maeve the director and goldsmith behind Hera Saabi jewellery. We caught up with her on a beautiful autumn day at her studio in Parnell, Auckland.

Roshlo Singlet 

MDWhere do you find self-motivation

MWI find self-motivation in the desire to create something that wasn't there before. When all other jobs are ticked off and there is space in a day to work on something new. Like everyone, I occasionally have mornings where I wake up feeling uninspired and question everything I'm doing. In these times I pretend I'm working for someone else and listen to really loud music all day. 

MDUnwinding method

MWGoing to see live music is like a holiday for me. Being in a crowd of people openly supporting and enjoying musical creativity is really moving and exhilarating.

MDSong on repeat

MWI've been listening to Reckless by Australian Crawl ...a lot.

Maeve in dappled sunlight Maeve wearing the Deni Dress


Roshlo Singlet and Deni Skirt in Terracotta


Deni Dress

Place you feel most grounded

MWAt my jewellers bench

MDRecent inspiring reads

MWAnything and everything by Esther Perel

MDFavourite thing about Ovna Its hard to pick one thing!

MWI love the romantic, etherial aesthetic and that everything is easy to dance in! Also, I love that Ovna is a kind brand, your ethics make me feel proud when I'm wearing it.

MDGreen tip

MWDon't support fast fashion. Shop at opp shops, swap with friends and support ethical brands when you can.

Maeve at her desk Maeve wearing the Babushka Skirt


Sena Top & Bubushka Skirt