Meet Ophelia King an artist & creative freelancer living and working in Tāmaki Makaurau. Within her practice she explores notions of the everyday and the tropes of the domestic. In her freelance work she focuses on working with small independent businesses creating and producing locally. During isolation Ophelia interprets the Ora Dress and Virginia through self-portraiture. 


Where do you find self-motivation
Self motivation definitely comes in waves for me. My energy is quite extreme, I am either intensely committed and driven or I am a pile on the floor, all or nothing I believe is how they describe it. I find it much easier to be motivated when I am generally happy in my self, which requires quite a lot of self care. I think naturally - I find it easiest to be motivated about something I care about, or that involves people I care about and I definitely find it easier to be motivated about projects that are self directed.

Your unwinding ritual includes
I am very bad at unwinding. When I go on holiday I usually spend half of the holiday trying to unwind. But with time, I am learning - I think water in its many forms, the ocean and the bath are good places for me to unwind. Giving in to absolute slobbery is also key for me, this would probably take the form of a bath, actually moisturising afterwards, cosy pjs and a heat and eat supermarket in front of at least 3 hours of trashy tv. Also reading my horoscopes, I don't know why but it relaxes me.


Ora Dress in milk organic cotton


The place you feel most at home
Probably a west coast beach in New Zealand or somewhere in Italy. I never thought I'd be able to find a country that wasn't where I was from that could feel at home, but there is just something about Italia.

A song that you can't help move to
Chelsea Jade - low brow.

An artist that you admire
So hard to choose. I love Marie Shannon, I feel very moved by her work. I love Judy Darragh - she has a fearlessness of the art world and she really shares that. Campbell Patterson, I find his work super humorous but always heartfelt. All of these artists are also all super lovely and kind. 

A film you get transported by
Magnolia, I watched it in my late teens and it always stuck.

Outline your favourite dining experience
Definitely al fresco, I would never choose to eat inside. Probably on the coast, early evening, where there is no menu and the food just comes, shared with 5 loved ones followed by strong liquor no one likes and cigarettes. 

What do you appreciate about Ovna
Marina. The fashion industry has a rep for being full of vapid, fake people and Marina is anything but. She's an insanely hard worker, she's down to earth, inclusive and always makes people feel comfortable to be themselves. I also appreciate that Ovna doesn't release ridiculous amount of collections a year or ridiculous amounts of garments per collection, it's all really considered and curated and we need that now more than ever. 

A helpful green tip
At the moment, we have a legit drought. So just be conscious of your water usage. But in general - I'd say get a compost, I have literally no idea how it works, all I know is that we have a mini container in the kitchen, which we then move to a big bucket in the garden and then every now and again we put it on the garden. Seems to work.

Some wise words you keep in mind
Feelings aren't facts. 

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